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Fast forward to the present.

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Hey there. :D
I'm Kat, a girl fifteen years of age living in the Philippines; and an upcoming Highschool Senior this June. I'm what most would call a bookworm (glasses included); I enjoy reading and occasionally writing--I'm very particular about grammar--but I also enjoy the physical exertion in playing sports. I've taken an obssession to anime, and otaku seems a very appropriate term to describe me.

The contents of my journal would mostly be of events from my life, a narration of events, more or less. Sometimes, when my life becomes unbearably dull, I put a few quizzes and surveys to make it less so. Whoever is interested to read and comment may do as they please. This was created basically as an emotional outlet as well as something to do in my spare time. I get bored fairly easily, you see.

Oh, also because I want to make more friends here in Lj, not because I'm dissatisfied with my current comrades, but because I find it fun to meet new people. :D