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Just a Thought...

 I really should update more often. I feel like blog posts are supposed to be long and detailed, or meaningful. Random's good too, for the occasional sugar high and thoughts that border on the fantastical and philosophical. It's just that short entries make me cringe sometimes, because they remind me a little too much of Facebook and Twitter, where statuses are updated every 5 minutes, and expression loses its meaning. 140 characters or less, or else you'd end up looking like a chatterbox. Not that I deny that I am--online, at least. One word does not suffice to convey my meaning, and I would prefer to stay silent than use shortcuts. I'm a fan of elaborating, if that isn't already obvious, and 140 characters isn't exactly enough to satisfy my need to burst with emotion whenever something significant happens. I'm a whiner, unfortunately, and vague status rants aren't really my thing, though I admit that I do that sometimes. Extremely vague stats are oftentimes misunderstood; they are perceived as a cry for attention, a way of getting people to comment and act concerned or happy depending on the mood (because tone doesn't really come through online) of the status, when in all honesty, all you want to do is let it out. It's virtually impossible to make everyone understand this though, since the internet is public domain and whatever you post is open to interpretation. Frustrating, but alas, such is reality. Besides, isn't that what LJ is for: expressing deep thoughts, letting emotions flow through your fingertips as you write? Getting comments is hardly as important as being able to vent.

...so says the girl who also thinks that encouragement would motivate her to write and update more here on LJ. Heh.

My mind has drawn a blank, once again.

And thus, I have decided to make good on the promise I made months ago, about posting some of my EN101 (Expository writing) essays and narratives. I'm currently lacking the inspiration and the motivation to come up with something more original, so for the meantime, this will have to do. Comments and some constructive criticism would be appreciated, so should you notice anything that you feel could use some tweaking, please don't hesitate to point these out. I'm in dire need of further disillusionment.

Earlier, I had the mistaken notion that I was going to be able to write something profound, or at least slightly amusing to read; but as usual, I find myself stumbling over my own thoughts, deleting everything as soon as I type it, and getting nowhere in terms of accomplishment. Story of my life, actually. I even made it the topic for one of my essays. This is one half of the essay set of character sketches, the topics of which would serve as a window into the writer's personality. Three guesses as to why I enjoyed writing this so much. Heh.

I miss writing like this.Collapse )

And here we go...

It's back to school, once again. I can't say that I wasn't extremely anxious last Monday night, because I was. Very, very much so. As most of my friends already know, I shifted from BS Psychology to AB last semester--which means that, apart from having a different curriculum, I'd be having different blockmates as well. The idea made my stomach churn--at the time it seemed quite intimidating, yet it was also somewhat exciting. I was anticipating meeting some of the AB Psych people Storm knew from their Filipino classes together last year. I was on friendly terms with some of them, and they seemed like a happy group. The thought comforted me somewhat, because at least that meant that I would not be in a room full of strangers.

The start of the new school year also meant a new chance to be a better student--preferably, one with new school supplies. Heh. However, the mixture of the anxiety of making a good impression, planning the best way to obtain my desired grades and the excitement of meeting new people and seeing old friends again does not equate to a good night's sleep. I tried calming myself down, willing myself to doze off, but to no avail. I was still wide awake, and as tired as I was from thinking so much, my brain could not and would not shut down. I fell asleep eventually, but I was still tired the next morning. I always have trouble sleeping on the night before the first day of classes, but as to why, I have no clue.

Anyway, fast forward. It was an okay first day; my mom came with me to pay for my tuition fee, which was steep, as usual. I might be able to pay it off if I sell a few organs, though. The first day was a Tuesday, so thankfully, I didn't need to wake up at an ungodly hour just to make it to my first P.E. class. I did, however, end up attending the wrong Sociology and Anthropology class. Apparently, the profs switched class venues at the last minute, and as a result, many people got lost, and some (like myself) attended the wrong class. It was a tad embarrassing, because the fact that some people said that there was a change of venue should have set off warning bells already. Unfortunately, dense as I was, it took me until the end of class (when our prof had finally decided to check attendance) to realize that I wasn't supposed to be in the seat I had deemed mine at all. And so, after a talk with the SA department's secretary, I ended up with a class in the Bellarmine building, which unfortunately was the one building isolated from all the others for who knows what reason. Hayyz. Just my luck. Our Fil 14 prof's funny, though. I like him.

I don't quite remember anything else interesting happening for the rest of the first week, apart from the car ride to school which has lately been a nightmare owing to the fact that a certain street within U.P. Campus leading to Katipunan Avenue is under construction. Now, for a road that leads to three different schools, that can only mean traffic from hell, especially for one who has a P.E. class at 7 in the morning, twice a week. Can you say stressful? I'm afraid of overcutting with the number of days I'm bound to be tardy; but then again, I'm too lazy to get a load revision. And besides, I like my P.E., even if it does start unreasonably early. I'll just have to cope. Wish me luck?

Psych 101 has been an incredibly interesting subject so far, and I love it. I am now certain that I've made the right decision, entering Psychology. :D Theology scares me, but our prof seems like cool guy. He enjoys Mixed Martial Arts, dontcha know. He loves to fight. Ironic, ain't it? He knows how to make the lesson interesting, although the examples he uses are disturbing sometimes.

I'm still getting used to the fact that I have Bel classes everyday. Such long walks. Oy vey.

Wow, long entry is long, isn't it? Sorry about that. I haven't had a chance to vent in a while. And I should be getting to my homework now; I'm supposed to not procrastinate anymore, but apparently, it isn't working out like I had hoped. :|


My schedule's looking pretty good.

As I'm sure everyone who is still under the clutches of mandatory education is well aware, June has come, and the new school year is soon to follow. Personally, I'm quite excited for our first day. While I admit that that would mean more school work, more studying, more cramming and more sabaw moments, right now, it doesn't seem so bad compared to the sheer dullness of being stuck at home with nothing to occupy your time. It would be more tolerable if my life were more interesting, but seeing as I've been stuck at home for a good percentage of the summer vacation (minus one month when I had to attend summer classes), something, anything--to keep me busy would be welcome. I can feel my brain deteriorating.

Anyway, our batch was scheduled to enlist yesterday--we're now Sophomores, dontcha know--and by God's grace, I had managed to obtain a random number that placed me in the first batch. Granted, I had to wake up unreasonably early to enlist, but it was worth it. I had gotten a good P.E. class (Badminton) and I got to see my schedule. I shifted courses last semester (from BS Psych to AB Psych), so when the traditional posting of schedules on Facebook started, I was quite saddened when I saw that my ex-blockmates' schedules and mine had no coinciding breaks. Their scheds were much more packed; and to be honest, I don't envy them. I'm going to miss spending time with them, though. :| Oh well.

Here's a summary of my schedule (since I can't upload a clear image of the one I made in Excel):


PE104 (Badminton) - 7:00-8:00 (Mondays and Wednesdays)
PSY102.1 - 9:30-10:30
PSY101 (General Psychology) - 10;30-11:30
TH121 (Theology) - 12:30-1:30


SA21 (Sociology and Anthropology) - 9:00-10:30
FIL14 - 12:00-1:30
PSY102.2 - 1:30-5:30 (Thursdays only)

I like how I'm free by 1:30 in the afternoon everyday except on Thursdays. That way, I can take an afternoon nap after lunch (except on Thursdays. Rawr). I'm happy with it over-all. :)

Blogging aimlessly as usual...

I'm thinking about creating another blog account on Wordpress. I know, it's pretty ambitious of me when I can't even manage to update my LJ on a regular basis. My Tumblr is mostly for reblogging purposes only, in spite of how much fun it is to update. And quite frankly, I'm getting sick of seeing all the band people and kpop artists about whom I don't give a fudge. It's irritating, but to be fair, it would be much like how non-Glee fans would probably view my posts. I've got quite a crush on Cory Monteith, you see, so I tend to reblog many of his red carpet photos--courtesy of fuckyeahcory.

Anyway, my family and I watched The Prince of Persia the other night at Promenade in Greenhills, the mall in which my former schoolmates and I spent many an hour hanging out and destressing from two weeks' worth of exams and cram sessions back in high school. Ah, the memories. It did grow a trifle tiresome back then, because it was always the same plan: eat, watch a movie, eat again, make tambay and talk, then leave. Although admittedly, I do miss it sometimes. One tends to be more comfortable with the familiar, and with the onset of college, it was a big adjustment.

Occasionally, my friends and I from our old alma mater still visit this quaint yet high-end(-ish) mall to catch up with each other's lives and to watch the latest and least crappy-looking movies showing at the time. I find it essential to go back to your roots every once in a while. It gives you a sense of direction, and it's an indication of how far you've gone since the last time you had been there.

I find it quite saddening, though, that I've been spending more time with my boyfriend's close friends rather than my own best friends because, when someone does finally come up with a plan, most of the people who are invited are unable to make it due to complications regarding their schedules. However, that is not to say that we never see each other anymore. There have been successful planned hangouts, albeit in smaller groups. I had gotten to spend time with my best friends 12marbles and genicakes back in late April, and the conversations we had were nothing short of awesome. Just like old times. :) But I've digressed once again.

Anyway, going back to the movie: the effects were impressive, and the action scenes were enough to grab your attention and keep you at the edge of your seat in anticipation. The concept of a time-turning dagger was quite unusual, but it fit in well enough with the story, and I've heard that the video game from which the movie was based was just as good, according to my brother Lance and my boyfriend Storm. It's worth the cost of the ticket, I assure you. And I think I may have a girl-crush on Gemma Arterton. She plays Princess Tamina in the movie and Io in Clash of the Titans. She's really very pretty. But that's besides the point.

Next post shall be about something interesting (hopefully), and maybe a bit of what Wordpress is like once I've made an account there. Ciao!

Also, enlistment's coming up. I'm in the first batch, finally!

Expository Writing

Okay, so like I said before, I'm gonna start posting some of my essays on my blog. Last school year, during our second semester, we took English 101, which was Expository Writing. EN101 was much easier than EN12, which was more about critical thinking and analysis which I suck at.

For the semester, we were required to write descriptive essays, definition essays, narratives, cultural critiques, travel profiles, character sketches and a memoir to compile into our anthology as our final paper. As you may have figured out, I greatly prefer writing subjectively rather than objectively; I would choose description over analysis any day.

In this untitled writing exercise, our class was required to go on a field trip of sorts, to a village in Marikina nearby our school.

Click to read :DCollapse )

Rather pointless, but whatever.

 I'm thinking of posting some of the papers I wrote for English last year, if only to make up for the lack of posts for the past eons. What do you guys think? :)

Although I admit that even if nobody answers or cares, I would still post them here anyway. haha.
So yeah, on another note, THE SUMMER TERM IS OVER! And I still have three weeks to bum around before the first semester starts on June 15. Even if the week before that probably won't count, seeing as we'll all be busy trying to get ready for the upcoming school term. Not that I'm complaining, though. I like getting new things in general. :) haha!

But anyway, when does your school year start? :D

And yes, this is a feeble attempt at being more interactive with my readers. Bite me.

I've just finished rereading Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows about an hour or so ago, by the way. Earlier this afternoon, my mother asked me what I was reading; when I told her that I was reading book seven, she asked me why I chose that particular book after not touching the HP series in the longest time. I then informed her that it was the only book in the series that I haven't read a second time; and the last time I had read it was around two years ago. I had forgotten most of the details by now, and well, I couldn't have that now, could I? At this point, she smiled and told me that she had already read The Deathly Hallows twice.

I love how my mom and I are such Harry Potter-heads. :D

But I really have to start working in a second book review, though. I've already written one about Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief; I'm thinking about writing the other one about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. :) I have to stop procrastinating. :| Rawr.

Dear LJ...

Hey there, I missed you. It's been 23 weeks since I last updated, or so you say. And yes, my need to say how long it has been from my last visit to stand in lieu of a decent introduction is still present, apparently. Introductions are always the hardest to write for me. Anyway, it's been a crazy semester and I'm loving college life so far, sans the endless papers to write. I've been out of practice, and somehow I feel pressured. Mediocrity's all I've really known in my high school days, and being in an environment where average is a level above your own isn't that easy to adjust to. I love my block mates though, despite the fact that I'm developing an inferiority complex because of their scary smartness. They're totally awesome. :)  Zen Garden times are full of unforgettable win. ILU, Block Y. XD

Still, I miss my best friends like mad. But since we're in different schools we haven't spent that much time with each other. Hopefully, this would change soon, it being sem break and all. :D Right, guys?

Anyway, that being the case, it's nice to have someone familiar to latch on to when things start getting rough for me. Yes, I've been lucky in the relationship department, despite the downs. 7 months together as of tomorrow, and looking forward to staying together for years to come. :) Thanks for everything, Storm. :D Love you! <3

Oh, and I realized what I missed so much about blogging. I could be writing and doing something else at the same time, and there'd be no pressure to finish. No formats, no assigned font, no spacing, no minimum number of pages and all that crap. Just me and my thoughts, being expressed at my own pace. It's relaxing, and I don't plan on quitting anytime soon. Especially since stress is abundant, and try as I might, I have yet to be able to stop myself from procrastinating. I'm getting there, but I still have a very, very, very long way to go. *sighs* Sleep is precious. That's one of the things I learned during the first sem. Also, cramming is a bad idea. I realize I'm being hypocritical, but yeah, don't. Especially if you value your sanity. I think I lost mine two all-nighters ago.

As they say, AM+DG. (Ang Matulog, Di Gagraduate). ha ha. I look forward to the next sem. Here's hoping my sched then would be better. My random number sucks again, though. I got placed in the last batch again, dammit! Oh well. I'm signing off for now, but more to come soon. :D Ciao!


I know I said that I'd post an entry dedicated to bidding high school farewell eons ago, but I dunno, the graduation ceremony was supposed to be my muse. The event itself failed to inspire me to write, and thus I fail. XP The school year wasn't that memorable anyway...

HA! Yeah right.:)) In terms of experiencing the most changes within 10 months, SY 2008-2009 takes the cake out of the four years we spent in high school. :P Believe it or not, I still find it hard to accept that we'll never be students there ever again, after enduring 9 years of considerably pleasurable torture. I really will miss O.B.

Moving on to what I've been doing for the past two months...Life hasn't exacty been uneventful, but it has been fairly dull most of the time. :P Usually, I'm just stuck in my room killing time on the internet and bonding with my laptop. Yes, it's mine. And mine alone. FINALLY! :)) haha. We've been out of town just once so far--we went to Bataan and stayed just overnight. The so-called resort we stayed in was a disappointment, to say the least. :\ Let's just say the place looked so much better in the pictures and leave it at that. :P

On the bright side, we'll be going to Palawan pretty soon. :D This Friday, in fact, and I'm super excited. :D I miss Puerto Princesa's beaches so much, I can't wait to get there. XD :)) haha. It's been a long time since we've been there. We'll only be staying for four days, though, so that's kind of a bummer. Oh well. Better short and sweet than never, am I right? :P haha. I just hope it doesn't rain when we get there...the weather's been depressing lately. Isn't it supposed to be summer? Can't help feeling a little shortchanged--global warming sucks. :\

Next month, it's back-to-school...just not the same school. I'll be going to Ateneo in a few weeks' time. I haven't been officially enrolled yet, but I'm getting there; I just needed a few more requirements. I've already been to the hospital--now that the medical form and x-ray result is complete, I'm all set to go to Ateneo on Thursday to submit 'em. :D Aside from the fact that we'll be gone by then, Friday's the deadline for submission. Haha. Procrastinate-much. :P





.....there's a lot more I want to add, but I'm suddenly out of fuel, for some reason. Feeling pretty blah right now--I think my muse just died. -___-; I'll update when my brain starts functioning again. Till next time!


Takes Two to Play Tag. :D

Instead of a decent post for the summer, here's another survey. :D :)) Haven't had the motivation to write anything for a while. So anyway, a couple of questions were missing, so I supplied them myself. :P haha.

~ 59 to Kill Boredom ~

1. What's your name?
~ Katrina Isabella P. Gaw. :D

2. What's your nickname?
~ I go by a lot of nicknames. :)) Trish, Trisha or Achi is what my family calls me. Kat is my preferred nickname, which is what most of my friends call me, but a couple like trying to be unique by calling me Trina or Bella. :)) EDIT: Oh, and I forgot to mention genicakes calls me Tomo, which I think is cute. Sorry! XP

3. When is your birthday?

~March 2, 1993. Just turned 16. :]

4. What are you listening to now?
'Captured' by Christian Bautista and Sitti. Haha. :)

5. What was the last thing you ate?
 ~Jacob's Hi-Cal Original crackers. :))

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
~Blue. Definitely. :D

7. Where do you plan to go on your honey moon?
~Hmm...No idea. :P I'll think about it when I get engaged. :))

8. How's the weather right now?
~Nice and cool. It was raining pretty hard earlier; now it's just a drizzle. :]

9.  What do you usually buy when you go out?
~ Books. Definitely. :))

10. What's your favorite brand of cereal?
~Coco Chex. :D

11. How do you feel today?
~Pretty good. :)

12. What's your favorite beverage?
~Nestea Lemon Iced tea. :] haha.

13. What's your favorite drink?
~Same as 12; but the next thing on my list is Pineapple Juice. :D

14. What's your favorite fruit?
~Watermelon, as of late. :))

15. What's the next CD you'll buy?
~Dunno, the CD for the next DC movie, I suppose. Or another album. It depends. :D

16. What's your hair color?
~Black-brown. :]

17. Do you have any siblings? How many?
~Yup. Four of 'em.

18. Have you ever loved someone so much you cried?
~That would be a yes.

19. Do you like someone? Who is it?
~Yup. Not telling. :D It's not like people don't already know. :))

20. Have you been in a car crash?
~I'm grateful that I haven't. :)

21. What would you change about your life?
~It's okay the way it is now. :]

22. If you could be someone else, who would you be?
~Nah, I'd pass. :P Being me is fine. :D

23. What's your favorite month?
~March and December. The former because it's the first month of summer, the latter because of Christmas. :))

24. What's your favorite food?
~Don't really have a favorite. :P

25. Favorite day of the year?
~No favorite, really. :P

26. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
~...yeah. :))

27. Do you like comedy or horror movies?
~Comedy. Horror movies were never really my thing. :\

28. Summer or winter?
~Summer, definitely. :)) Bring on the sun. :D

29. Kissing or hugging?
~A little of both. :P :))

30. Relationships or just sex?

31. Chocolate or vanilla?
~Chocolate! :D But Vanilla's not bad either. haha.

32. Black or grey?
~Black. Yeah, kind of emo, but whatever. I like it. :D

33. Cake or ice cream?
~Ice cream, mehhnnn...:))

34. What book are you reading?
~"The Lost World"  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. :]

35. Favorite magazine?
~Candy mag, I guess. I don't really know. :P

36. Favorite perfume?
~I'll take anything that smells good on me. :))

37. Something you never take off . . .
~Nothing, really. I take everything I wear off at some point.

38. What's the worst feeling in the world?
~Feeling totally alone and having no one to understand you.

39. What's the first thing you think of when you wake up?
~What time it is, I guess.

40. What's your favorite color?
~BLUE! :3

41. How many rings before you pick up the phone?
~Sometimes the person has to try twice before I pick up. :)) I hate landline calls. You never know who's calling. It's kinda creepy. XP

42. When are you having children?
~When I'm good and ready to have them, if ever. :D

a) How would you name your daughter or son?
~Don't know yet. I'll think about it when I have to. :P

b) How many children do you want?

43. What's your favorite thing in life?
~Hmm...Let me get back to youu on that. :))

44. Do you have brothers or sisters?
~Yup. Three brothers and one sister. Eldest, right here. :P

45. What's under your bed?
~I have no idea. :)

46. What's your favorite shampoo?
~No favorite. I just use whatever's available.

47. What's your favorite cartoon character?
~Kudo Shinichi. :))

48. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
~Rocky Road. :D Love the nuts, hate the marshmallows. :P :))

49. What are you wearing right now?
~Blue myx sleeveless top and blue shorts. :)) I had nothing else to wear. :P

50. What are you thinking about right now?
~Nothing in particular. :P

51. Do you have any piercings or tattoos?
~Ears are pierced, but no tattoos.

52. Have you cried in the last 24 hours?

53. Have you cleaned your room in the last 24 hours?
~Nah. :))

54. Did you drive today?
~See age. Not old enough to drive yet. :P

55. Do you believe in yourself?
~...meh. I guess so.

56. Do you believe in your friends?
~Yup. :]

57. Do you believe in angels?
~I honestly don't know. :\

58. Do you believe in ghosts?
~Somewhat. Yeah.

59. Do you believe in a god?
~Yes, I still do, in spite of the circumstances. I still believe in His providence somehow.